Review II tentang Frida Lidwina di Suara Anda

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Topik : Review II tentang Frida Lidwina di Suara Anda
CC : Frida Lidwina

Setelah review part 1.

Kali ini review lagi nih, soal Frida Lidwina.

* Still full of confidence, she’s getting better.
* Excellent recovery, as what she always did. The cat always had 9 lives. And surely no mistake could drown her fathomed.
* However, still got stagefright during the first segment, as she missaid the commercial break aperture…

* But to the end of the show, she passed it with very nice and ease, without even tried to “play safe”. And now we can see what I meant with “Frida‘s Style”. Keep it up.

* She’s just got too long when assessing the third-caller (News #6: The Tough Guy), she should have cut it whenever the opinion got repeated over and over.
* But she shows a good master of “Commoner Management”, and the way she end the third-caller (News #6: The Tough Guy) is a show of good composure and geniusity. Even Rahma Sarita can’t do it that genius.
* At the fourth-caller (News#3: The Flood Aid) she shows her knowledge and generousity by explained to the caller about “the broken bridges”. I respect that, and not that I would say that it was unnecessary, but she would have done in a shorter time. But tomorrow’s still another day, and she’ll get better.

Note: Rahma Sarita wouldn’t want to do that, and Virgie Baker would do that, but with longer time.

* She manage it very well, but the time is always not enough lately. The next challenge is, whether she can present all news and still have time to chat with the callers. If she can do that, then I will bow for her.

* Overall, this is the best-performance of Frida Lidwina during her appearences at Suara Anda.
* I still hold on my word and faith, that it’s Frida Lidwina who’s the most decent person to replace Chantal della Concetta at Suara Anda.
* Her next performance is expected, and we can see a bright future from now.

* Keep on your style and be yourself
* Keep on smiling, for your smile will comfort everyone watching it

(The Andrade)

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