Review Eva Julianti di Suara Anda

Ar aon chaoi,…buat yang nunggu-nunggu Review Saya mengenai Eva Julianti di Suara Anda. Here goes:

*For a beginner, Eva Julianti starts her Suara Anda session pretty much well.
I’m not sure, but perhaps Experience is the key factor here. Kinda amazing since SCTV had no show like this.

*The most important is that she use her own style, and choose not to play safe. However, there are few notes about her that I notice:

1. Watching Eva somehow makes me watching Chantal, Gie, Fifi, and Rahma at the same time.

2. While talking, she never waste much time, just like Chantal

3. While saying helo, she seems so much comfortable, just like Gie

4. While speaking, she choose her words and intonations carefully, just like Fifi

5. While making mistake, she recover fast and responded in a graceful manner, just like Rahma.

*I will assume that Eva has learn about the other hosts of Suara Anda, and developed her style in her own way. It’s quite breathtaking and adventurous watching her at the show.

*However, I also note some mistakes, she could have finished the first caller in a very short stroke, but instead, she delayed. And, I’m sorry to say these, but she doesn’t have the “Duration Management” skill as perfect as Chantal, yet.
Also, she seems so stuttered each time she tried to build up the case.

*In brief, I still hold on my opinion that Eva replaces Chantal for some reason, and I still put faith on her. However, with Chantal’s Memento still haunting Suara Anda, and with good performance of Kania Sutisnawinata, plus Gie is getting better in handling the show, she must work hard and maintain a perfect form to “coup d’etat” Gie from her recent throne…

Posted by Andrade_Silva 09-09-2007, 12:06


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